Downzone much? San Gabriel proposes 14 regulations to curb mansionization

City proposes restricting homes to 17 feet in height, down from 28

August 02, 2017 02:30 PM
City of San Gabriel is trying to prevent the so-called “mansionization” (credit: Google Maps)

Trying to add another story to your house in San Gabriel? You may be out of luck.

The city proposed 14 potential design regulations at a community meeting last week that would place stricter rules on new home development and modifications to existing residences, the Pasadena Star-News reported. The proposed changes are aimed at preventing big, boxy homes from being built, said Assistant Planner Nicholas Bezanson.

The new regulations would prevent developers from building single-story homes over 17 feet in height, a reduction from the current standard of 28 feet. The proposals would also require homeowners to go through a hearing if they plan to demolish a property in order to build a new house or add a second story to an existing single-story home. Other exterior changes would be reviewed by the city architect and staff members. Minor interior alternations would be assessed by city staff members.

Regulations in the area are already quite strict. Homes currently built in San Gabriel cannot take up more than 35 percent of the lots they sit on, and newly added second stories can’t be bigger than the ground floor.

San Gabriel’s Planning Commission and Design Review Commission will discuss the potential changes on August 14. The City Council will reach a final decision in October. [PSN] – Naiwen Tian

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