Council member Bob Blumenfield thinks Amazon should move to the Valley

The Warner Center would “not only be fitting but inspiring” for the company, he says

September 25, 2017 01:00 PM
Bob Blumenfield and Warner Center (Credit:, Wikimedia Commons)

Just weeks after Los Angeles officially nabbed the 2028 Olympics, another bidding war has already begun.

As Amazon hunts for a second corporate facility, City Council member Bob Blumenfield wasted no time in insisting the Southwest San Fernando Valley — specifically Warner Center’s former Rocketdyne facility —would be the perfect place, the Daily News reported.

In an opinion piece published Sept. 21, the council member lists several reasons why his district would satisfy all of Amazon’s needs as it plans to build a second North American headquarters. Mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed earlier this month that the e-commerce giant was shopping around town.

The Warner Center is vacant and ready for sale, he claims, and zoned to “support the business, good-paying jobs and development program that Amazon requires,” thanks to the Warner Center 2035 Specific Plan. The 2013-adoped plan’s zoning laws would allow Amazon up to 30 million square feet of commercial space with no height caps in most of the 1.5-square-mile district.

Other reasons in the piece – which was sent to Amazon’s chief executive Jeff Bezos himself – include good schools and universities, affordable homes and a diverse workforce. [DN]Natalie Hoberman

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