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Malibu real estate just got a new selling point — life expectancy

Babies born in the ‘Bu can expect to live 89.8 years
October 10, 2017 10:00AM

Photo Illustration, Malibu (Getty Images/ Creative Commons)

The life expectancy of a baby born in Los Angeles County in 2014 averages 82.1 years, a report by Social Science Research Council found. This surpasses the national average by nearly four years, KPCC reported.

Within the county, communities in the northwest section of the county lived the longest, while the southeast and northeast pockets of the county had the shortest life expectancy, a report by the Social Science Research Council found.

Babies born in Walnut Park seem to be the luckiest with an average lifespan of 90.5 years. Malibu was a close second with a 89.8-year average.

Map from Social Science Research Council (Measure of America)

Variables such as access to green spaces, affordable housing and health care, and jobs with living wages all play into life expectancy, according to KPCC.

The region’s expectancy as a whole surpasses most nations. If L.A. County were a country, it would rank 11th in longevity, just below France and Israel. [KPCC] – Natalie Hoberman