“Million Dollar Listing LA”: Let’s get vertical

Recap of Season 10, Episode 10

Jan.January 12, 2018 03:00 PM
Tracy Tutor Maltas and Josh Flagg

In this week’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” Tracy Tutor Maltas takes her career to new heights. Josh Flagg teams up with James Harris and David Parnes on a Los Feliz listing, and Josh Altman goes big in Bradbury.

Here’s where we left off.

Tracy takes New York

Following the Brits’ rooftop party at Ten Thousand, Tracy has an epiphany about the future of Los Angeles real estate: There’s nowhere to go but up, up, up!

With a shortage of space to build, developers are turning to vertical living — aka massive glassy skyscrapers — as the next frontier. And Tracy wants in.

In order to be at the forefront of the new development trend, the broker plans a trip to New York to meet with Douglas Elliman chairman Howard Lorber. This trip will take all of three-and-a-half days, but that doesn’t matter to her hubby Jason, who already thinks she spends more time working than with their family. He ultimately acquiesces and gives her his blessing: “Sure, have fun,” he told her.

Undeterred, Tracy arrives in the Big Apple. Before she bows before the big boss man, however, she meets with the so-called “king of real estate” — fellow Douglas Elliman broker and “Million Dollar Listing New York” star Fredrik Eklund. Boy, do we love a good crossover episode.

Eklund doesn’t mince words about new development — it’s tough! Though developers aren’t as emotional as regular old buyers and sellers, the pressure to sell millions of dollars’ worth of real estate tends to be pretty stressful, and to top it off, you can’t do it alone. Tracy needs to line up a team. Ultimately, the meeting doesn’t dissuade her from dipping her toes into the new development pond. She even comes up with a signature move, a la Fredrik’s high-kick: a hybrid bitch-booty slap, and we’re all for it.

Despite the pep talk, Tracy is a “pinch” nervous to face Lorber. Though she doesn’t yet have a team, he sees potential in her and feels comfortable recommending her to developers. Score one for Tracy!

Take that, Jason.

“They’re not caviar-smoked!”

Josh and Bobby are still feuding following their fight atop Ten Thousand. To take his mind off their relationship troubles, Josh meets James Harris and David Parnes in Los Feliz — which he refers to as the land of “hipsters” and people “without jobs.”

The two Brits want to bring Josh in on a $3.5 million listing because he’s an eccentric character, and the seller is … well, eccentric is one way to put it. Anna, who was recently came into some money and has been dropping dolla’ bills ever since, wants to unload the property so she can keep traveling and spending money. She smokes cigarettes, lets her dog hump her leg and owns every single second of it.

Bobby finally comes around, presenting Josh with a peace offering of coffee. He’s disappointed that Josh hasn’t been putting in enough effort with the wedding planning. He agrees to make a better effort, which is why he’s taking on this “dumpy” Los Feliz listing — it requires less effort!

But James quickly notices that lack of effort and confronts Josh at his office. Josh is quickly forgiven for his sins, because James is a groomsmen in his wedding. Who can stay mad when you’re getting fitted for a custom suit in your own office?

Josh kicks it up a notch at the Los Feliz listing and manages to reel in a $2.9 million offer. Anna, who shows up with a shaven, bleach-blonde hairdo, is not pleased. How is she going to make it rain if she’s selling her home for $600,000 less than its asking price? James counters the potential buyer with a $3.2 million offer, and between taking puffs of her cigarette, Anna offers be Josh’s surrogate. He declines, but she persists — doesn’t he at the very least want her eggs? They’re not caviar-smoked!

It gets weird quite fast, which is why we’re relieved when she happily accepts a $3.1 million offer.

It’s off to bigger, and less weird, things.

Elsewhere in the episode…

Josh and Matt Altman hit up the big guns to sell their new listing at Bradbury Estates, the massive megamansion that is Bliss Canyon. They know they can’t use any old broker to find a buyer, so they reach out to their international network.

Despite the reputation the property cultivated while sitting on the market, the brothers receive not one, but two offers: the first is for $22 million and the second, $23.5 million. Eric, the developer’s representative, makes a both bone-headed and ballsy move and tears up the $22 million check.

Thankfully, the second buyer is willing to come up to $25 million, making the ripped-up check the most badass move in real estate history.

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