“Million Dollar Listing LA”: Couples who
co-broke together, stay together

Season 10, episode 11 recap

Jan.January 19, 2018 01:00 PM
Tracy Tutor Maltas, Josh Altman and Josh Flagg

On this week’s episode of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” Tracy goes to face-to-face with a developer who’s done her wrong. Josh Flagg learns to work nice with his fiancé, Bobby, and Josh takes the plunge for a listing in the Pacific Palisades.

Here’s where we left off.

Couple’s first co-list

The wedding is fast approaching, so Josh and Bobby decide to put their relationship through one final test by co-listing a 5,000-square-foot home together. The two sellers, Azadeh and Amir, are attempting to unload their five-bedroom home after failing to sell it for $5 million. Bobby wants to reprice the home at $4.6 million, but Josh thinks they’d be doing the pair an “injustice” by listing it too high. Josh’s suggestion to price it at $4.4 million ultimately wins out, and while it’s a victory, we’re pretty sure he’s walking home from that listing appointment.

At the open house, we truly see why opposites attract, even if you do wear matching outfits.

“He’s friendly, he’s upbeat,” Josh says. “I’m not.”

You think?

It looks like the blueberry parfaits pay off, however, as the duo land at $4.1 million offer. As is every initial offer that comes in on “MDLLA,” it’s way too low for the sellers. They counter with $4.3 million, and ultimately arrive at $4.25 million. Bobby, of course, believes this is way too low, while Josh thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to finally walk away from a home they’ve had difficulty selling. The couple accepts the offer, and the final score comes in at Josh 2, Bobby 0.

They’ve survived their first co-list, so it’s time to party! Josh’s parents throw the husbands-to-be an “intimate gathering” of about 100 people with live music, tear-filled speeches and plenty of cocktails. Josh and Bobby’s wedding is tomorrow, for cryin’ out loud, so they’re going to party like it’s tonight!

Next week, the season finale will bless us with Josh and Bobby’s nuptials. Thank God there aren’t any co-lists planned between now and then.

“I’m going to sell the shit out this property”

Guess who’s back, back again, Henry’s back, tell a friend.

If you recall in episode 8, developer Henry parted ways with Tracy after she suggested a price reduction on his $3.8 million spec home in Crescent Heights. Despite all the hard work and money he poured into the residence, not all the blood, sweat and tears in the world can rectify the fact it’s located on a busy motorway. This is obviously something Henry did not want to hear.

But it looks like our friend is having second thoughts — i.e. the home is not selling! So he crawls back to Tracy, and requests she be his broker once again.

“I feel like I’m dating him or something,” Tracy says. “It’s a weird makeup/breakup thing.”

Henry and Tracy are back on the front burner, agreeing to list the home for $3.6 million. It seems like the adjusted price is helping get people through the door, and Tracy solicits a $3.3 million offer. You can already sense that Henry is suffering some regret, but Tracy reminds him he’s too deep in the weeds to turn back now. She does salvage a $3.4 million best and final offer, which, according to Tracy, is a record-breaking price for the area. Henry trusts her instinct, and they celebrate their first official deal together.

“This rollercoaster of a relationship we have,” Tracy says. “I’m going to need jewelry soon!”

Elsewhere in the episode …

Josh heads to Pacific Palisades to scope out a home on the Riviera Country Club, where Tom Brady goes golfing apparently. The compound is situated on a one-acre lot, and is surrounded by lush gardens, waterfalls and a water slide, which Josh must slide down if he sells the property in 30 days. Initially the seller’s representative Roby wants to list it for $9.5 million, but Josh is sure that he can sell it for much more. They settle on a $11.9 million price tag, but when Josh brings Roby a $10.4 million offer, he’s not too happy. Despite getting more than he initially anticipated, Roby tells Josh his sellers are expecting $11.9 million. Josh works a little magic, and wrangles a $11.2 million offer. Though his nice Italian suit is preventing him from going down the water slide, Josh still ends up making a splash.

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