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Here are the under 50-unit resi projects proposed in LA last week

Westlake, Tujunga projects would add 68 total units to housing stock
By Gregory Cornfield |
Research by Haru Coryne
November 15, 2018 12:00PM

A rendering of Schon Tepler Group’s
Temple Street project

A 42-unit project in Westlake and two smaller multifamily projects on the northeastern edge of the San Fernando Valley were the only mid-sized proposals filed by developers last week, according to records with the Los Angeles Department of City Planning.

The Westlake project joins a wave of plans filed the past few years in the fast-growing multifamily submarket.

The two redevelopments in Tujunga near the San Gabriel Mountains are blocks apart from each other and fit with the smaller neighborhood’s pattern of less-dense, more affordable subdivisions.

2812 W. Temple Street | Westlake | 42 units

Development firm Schon Tepler Group plans to build a new six-story, mixed-use building with 42 units on Temple Street, after demolishing the existing structures there, which were purchased for $2 million in May.

Due to the influx of residential projects and investments, Westlake is one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles, with increasing land values.

10247 N. Hillhaven Avenue | Tujunga | 14 units

Two family dwellings were purchased in March for $825,000 on Hillhaven Avenue. Under the newly proposed plan by developer Gavik Farhadian, the structures would be demolished to make way for a 14-unit apartment building – two units of which would be designated for very low-income families.

The developer is applying for a bonus incentive to allow an 11-foot height increase.

10220 N. Fernglen Avenue | Tujunga | 10 units

Just on the other side of Tujunga Canyon Boulevard, the site at 10220 N. Fernglen Avenue was purchased one year ago for $365,000. Developer Greg Eliasian plans to demolish a single-family home there and build a 10-unit building, with one unit designated for a very low-income family.

Eliasian is applying for a density bonus to increase the building height from 33 feet to 44 feet.