Why this pedestrian-only enclave is a celeb magnet

The key? Residents either have to climb a long flight of stairs or ride an exclusive elevator for access
May 19, 2019 09:00AM

High Tower (Credit: David Kubiczky)

Los Angeles may have a reputation for its over-dependence on cars, but there’s one Hollywood Hills community that’s turning that image on its head.

At High Tower, a small hillside neighborhood located in Hollywood Hills residents aren’t allowed to drive cars to get to their homes, the Wall Street Journal reported. Instead, they have to climb hundreds of steps.

A dated, five-story elevator is the only alternative, but only if your residence is part of the High Tower Elevator Association and you have your own private key. Despite the fact that the 1920s-era elevator breaks down frequently, residents claim it’s helped create a close-knit, ultra-exclusive feel to the neighborhood.

Over the years, High Tower’s celebrity residents have included film director Tim Burton, actor Timothy Hutton, musicians Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, and magician David Copperfield.

The neighborhood’s unusual topography and limited access has also made it difficult for large-scale projects to rise. One resident, developer Ari Heckman, said renovations at his home cost about 10 percent higher than usual because of how challenging it was for contractors to get materials up to the site. [WSJ] – Natalie Hoberman