• SPONSOREDBH Properties Guarantees Your Year-End Closing

    1601 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA. $13,750,000 purchase price

    It’s very rare in commercial real estate when a company can “guarantee” the closing of year-end deals. But that’s exactly what BH Properties will do. And if you are skeptical about this claim, take a look at their track record.

    Since 1997, BH Properties has accumulated over 100 properties in 17 states in retail, office, industrial, and multi-family assets.  The company has closed on deals as large as $340 million and transacted in as quick as 48 hours.  Armed with a sure-fire plan and their expertise that is unique in these transactions, according to BH Properties President and Founder Steve Gozini, “There isn’t any company that can offer the speed, expertise and professionalism our experts provide to close these deals in such a quick and timely fashion.”

    Steve Gozini, President and CEO, BH Properties

    But claims are one thing, where is the proof? In 2018 alone, the company acquired over one million square feet of vacant office buildings, often time chosen as the buyer because of their ability to move faster than other buyers.   Their reputation in the industry has made them the go-to company for ensured closing.


    So what is the secret? Just how exactly how can they do it?

    Andrew Van Tuyle, Senior Managing Director – Investments, BH Properties

    According to Mr. Gozini and Senior Managing Director, Andrew Van Tuyle, their secret lies in the fact that they don’t have outside investors.  Van Tuyle says, “Because of our structure, we have total discretion over our capital, and almost always close all cash via our line of credit.  That means we have no loan contingencies, no investment committees, and no syndication risk.”

    BH Properties has a unique platform, and now they’re doubling down by guaranteeing a year end close.  To find out more about what BH Properties can do for you as we get closer to the end of the year, please contact Andrew Van Tuyle at [email protected] or at 424-320-8611.