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Game On! Keller Williams Beverly Hills Lands Rod Watson Power Agent to the Sports Stars

Rod Watson, Real Estate Advisor to celebrity sports stars like Zach Randolph, De’Aaron Fox, and Markelle Fultz, has left his role as Sports and Entertainment Director at Revel Real Estate to join forces with Keller Williams Beverly Hills, The Real Deal has learned. 

The reason Rod has chosen to partner with KW Beverly Hills is simple, it’s all about leadership and support. “At KW Beverly Hills they fully support my vision. I will work jointly with our leadership team, Paul Morris and Josh Spitzen, to continue my efforts in building the premier Sports and Entertainment real estate brand.” KW has a proven track record of helping their agents build profitable businesses through their systems and billion-dollar technology. “The Forward Living sub-brand of KW offices in greater los Angeles provides further resources and leverage to help me realize my vision more quickly and profitably.” Rod says this partnership will help provide his brand with a global presence along with the support to help train and grow his team. 

Rod officially joined KW Beverly Hills on May 26th and will focus on servicing celebrities, athletes, investors, developers, millennials and high net worth professionals. 

As a former San Diego Christian University basketball player and International professional athlete, Rod has learned that working smart, and staying consistent can go a long way. “The values I learned during my playing days have helped me succeed in this competitive space,” Rod says. With a passion for sports and media Rod has leveraged working with some of the biggest media brands in sports like ESPN, where he produced his own radio show and Podcast. On his show he regularly interviewed some of the most successful names in sports like Lavar Ball, former LA Lakers Caron Butler, Jimmy Jackson and many more. 

“I came from humble beginnings growing up in the streets of Houston’s drug infested 5th ward community. It gave me the grit and hustle it takes to make it in this business,” Rod says. “Being raised by a single mom working 12-15 hour shifts a day as a nurse, just to make ends meet motivated me to chase my dreams and pursue a career in sports and entertainment.”

By focusing on relationships over transactions and providing a high level of service Rod has quickly established his name amongst some of the biggest names in sports. “My focus has always been to put our clients’ needs first and to make sure they are fully protected at all times.” Taking that approach has helped propel Rod to the top and landed him opportunities to work with some of the most notable stars in sports in a very short period of time. 

Rod has developed a team of highly experienced wealth advisors, attorneys and consultants, that will help provide the highest level of service and representation to his clients when it comes to helping them build their real estate portfolios.  He is currently mentoring athlete clients and will be launching a series of Master Classes designed to empower and educate athletes on real estate investing and how to build long term wealth. “I’ve worked extremely hard over the last 14 years to get to this point in my career. My mission is to help athletes improve their financial literacy. Economic empowerment creates real freedom. I want to see our clients’ wealth live well beyond their playing days,” says Rod. 

Rod believes that the athlete community has been highly underrepresented and uninformed when it comes to building wealth through real estate investing. “My goal is to help change the narrative and perception athletes have had over the years, by empowering them to take control of their own financial legacy.” During Rod’s 14-year career he has sold and negotiated over $100 million in real estate. “I’ve learned a wealth of valuable information when it comes to real estate investing. My goal is to help as many athletes as I can to generate and maintain generational wealth. That is my purpose and reason for being in this business.”

Rod had developed his brand and trust in this space long before joining a major real estate firm. “I invested my own money and time into learning the business and how to better serve this demographic. It’s the relationships I created on and off the court that have opened so many doors for me. My clients know they are getting all of my attention along with the high level of service I provide, regardless of the company I’m with.” 

Moochie Norris, former NBA player for the Houston Rockets, said: “Rodrick is a class act. He is a man of his word. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I was in a bind trying to sell my large property at the last minute and find a new one at the same time. I just remember the call from him saying, ‘Don’t worry about it. I got it covered.’ And when the time came, he got it done. He sold my home in less than 30 days for top dollar and helped find a replacement property at a heavily discounted price.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic Rod has sharpened his focus, finding new ways to provide more value to his clients and go all in on his vision.  Having formed strategic partnerships with Bank of America and investors, Rod says he now has the backing of several pro athletes in the NBA and NFL who he has signed on to serve as consultants and ambassadors to assist in helping him grow his brand. “At the end of the day it’s all about relationships and providing value. It took me a while to get here, but now we’re poised to dominate this space for years to come. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.”

When asked how he markets elite properties Rod said his team always invests in a variety of PR and media platforms to generate buzz around his clients’ home. He makes sure his listings are red carpet ready and then launches a strategic campaign of photography, videography, internet and social media advertising designed to capture the right buyer. As a social media influencer himself, Rod understands the value of gaining attention. “We focus on crafting the right narrative to tell unique stories about the homes we sell. It’s more than how many bedrooms or square feet a home has. We tailor the story in a way that attracts a specific niche market of buyers looking to live in that particular area or in a home with those features.” They provided each home with its own media and PR at all times. “We give every home the star treatment and make sure that each property shows up in all the right places.”

“My goal is to build the best sports and entertainment luxury real estate investment firm in the nation. I’m committed to providing value when it comes to growing our client’s real estate portfolios. I want to see all of our pro-athlete clients win both on and off the court and field.” 

The Watson Group LAVIPAgent team has a staff of eight; four residential agents, two commercial agents, a marketing director and a licensed assistant. Former Univ of La Verne football player and Alpha Phi Alpha member Armad Obasohan will serve as Assistant Director of Sports and Entertainment with a direct focus on NFL player engagement under Rod’s mentorship and guidance. Rod declined to share the remaining names of the agents who will be joining his venture at KW Beverly Hills; it is noted that agents from Revel, Sothebys, and RE/MAX will be a part of the team.

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