• SPONSORED‘Mush’ Ado About Skijoring

    fresh blanket of snow. A pair of skis. Now all you need is man’s best friend. Welcome to the newly trendy sport of skijoring. For the uninitiated, skijoring is a cold-weather sport that involves being attached to your dog—or horse, if you prefer—by a towline and taking to the trails together for an invigorating workout. As Rover runs ahead, you follow at a similar pace on skis. Some liken the sensation to waterskiing through snow.

    The sport, which traces its roots to 19th-century Scandinavia, gives you “the thrill of dog sledding without having to own a team of dogs,” explains Seth Sachson, executive director of the Aspen Animal Shelter. Plus, you’ll get a better workout. What’s the difference between a run with your dog, and skijoring? The former involves parallel play, says Sachson. Skijoring requires teamwork.

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