• SPONSOREDThe Grove Gets High-Resolution Digital

    SNA Displays installed a tight-pitch LED video display at The Grove, one of the world’s most acclaimed shopping, dining and lifestyle destinations. The display is a vertically oriented billboard mounted to the facade of the main parking garage near the property’s entrance. It measures approximately 40 feet high and 30 feet wide and is used to engage visitors to the area, displaying content from digital art and onsite promotionals to out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

    The project is one of the first and only outdoor OOH displays featuring a 6-millimeter pixel pitch, meaning the center of each pixel is only 6 mm (0.24″) from the center of an adjacent pixel.

    At 2,010 pixels high and 1,520 pixels wide, the EMPIRE™ exterior LED display includes 3,055,200 total pixels.

    SNA Displays utilized a spider crane as well as davit arms anchored to the parking garage in order to build the display substructure. A custom catwalk was also installed behind the display for access.

    Consumer Experience Group oversaw the display technology specifications and procurement process, selecting SNA Displays to manufacture and supply the cutting-edge display. CEG also managed the project coordination and installation processes between SNA Displays and The Grove’s owner, Caruso, one of the largest and most admired privately held real estate companies in the United States.

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