August 2018 Issue

The venture capital gold rush

When Jamie Hodari started looking for funding for his New York-based co-working startup, Industrious, in 2012, he didn’t even bother talking to venture capital firms. “We were just so confident that VCs didn’t fund real estate that it wasn’t worth trying,” he said. Instead, Hodari and his co-founder, Justin Stewart, went to anyone they knew — parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends — who had money and pitched them on investing… [more]

Who’s holding
the purse strings?

While the venture capital world is swarming with players looking for the next hot company to invest in, it has long ignored real estate. But starting about a decade ago,… [more]

How the Plaza was finally won

At any given time, there are more than 10,000 inmates at Tihar Prisons, near New Delhi, living in space meant for… [more]

The anti-money
laundering stalemate

A Malibu mansion and Gulfstream jet were seized from the playboy son of … [more]

The free agency frenzy

July marked the start of free agency in the National Basketball Association, when some of the biggest names in the league test the market to see how much of a… [more]

Flipping the switch
on home flipping

For former Keller Williams agent Parish Pradhan, home flipping started as a side gig in 2014. That’s when he and a … [more]

The Bronx is turning

Jerome Avenue, the roughly 7-mile thoroughfare running from the south end to the north end of the Bronx, has long been home to a lengthy stretch of auto shops and… [more]

Female hardhats
breaking barriers

Tierra Williams quickly discovered … [more]

The Closing: Joe McMillan

Joe McMillan Jr. is the chairman and CEO of DDG. The company — which launched in 2009 and initially focused on buying distressed properties — has developed 2.5 million square… [more]

Koolhaas’ canned controversy

East 22nd Street resembles many new mid-height modernist Manhattan buildings. However, the 140-unit condo… [more]

Is co-living growing up?

Often thought of as home for kids who never grow up, co-living has had a tough go in New York — in name at least. During a panel last year,… [more]

Residential market report

Red all over: Rents and sales fall in Manhattan The median sale price for a Manhattan apartment fell for the fourth straight quarter, down 9 percent year-over-year in 2018’s second… [more]

Commercial market report

Retail landlords adjust to new norm Retail rents across Manhattan continued to fall in 2018’s second quarter, but leasing activity is picking up as landlords come to terms with the… [more]

Editor’s note:
Big returns or bust

Talk about pressure. Venture capital money is pouring into real estate — tens of billions of dollars of it. But taking that seed money is not for the faint of… [more]

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