The Real Deal New York

December 2013

What’s ahead in 2014

The big issues industry players are going to be following closely in the New Year

In many ways, 2013 was an historic year for the New York City real estate industry, as price records were shattered in both the commercial and residential sectors. Hedge funder Bill Ackman and a group of investors reportedly paid more than $90 million for a unit at Extell Development’s luxury condo tower One57, for instance. If the sale closes at that price, it will set a record for the most […]… [more]

Real estate’s biggest feuds

A look at the bitter family battles that have pitted siblings against siblings and parents against children -- from the Feils to the Macklowes

Earlier this year, the Feil Organization, one of the oldest family-owned real estate firms in the city, made headlines when a feud blew up between its siblings over the company’s […]… [more]

The priciest listings in the burbs

A round-up of the most expensive properties on the market in Nassau, Bergen, Fairfield and Westchester counties

As the Manhattan luxury market continues climbing, pricey homes outside the five boroughs are seeing plenty of action of their own. This month, The Real Deal brings you a roundup […]… [more]

Young Woo

Behind Young Woo’s ‘SuperPier’

On a brisk November day, developer Young Woo headed towards a pair of hay-covered shipping crates just inside the entrance to a vast, cavernous structure on the 15th Street pier. […]… [more]

Buildings with dangerously few sales

A TRD review found a number of NYC buildings where sponsors are hoarding units — and preventing re-sales

Owning a co-op or condominium unit sometimes carries a caveat: You might not be able to sell it. A building sponsor’s refusal to sell units can make it difficult, or […]… [more]

Grading the new guys

A look at how the commercial market’s most recent contenders are measuring up

Building a commercial brokerage business in New York City is a slow, patient game. Success, real estate executives say, is measured in years, not months. But since the credit crunch, […]… [more]

Robert Ivanhoe (Photo by STUDIO SCRIVO)

The Closing: Robert Ivanhoe

Robert Ivanhoe is co-chairman of the New York office of Greenberg Traurig, where he leads the law firm’s real estate practice. Ivanhoe has handled a slew of high-profile deals during […]… [more]


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Comps get complicated

In high-velocity market, brokers are having more difficulty pricing properties

Last month, development giant Extell Development pulled the condominium units at its new residential tower at One Riverside Park off the market temporarily to adjust pricing. The price tags at […]… [more]

The mayor-elect’s short list

As inauguration day nears, sources point to the candidates ripe for real estate jobs in the new administration

Bill de Blasio promised a bold new approach to running New York. However, based on the names being bandied about for the City Hall jobs that matter the most to […]… [more]

Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray: Blackstone’s latest billionaire

Jon Gray isn’t Warren Buffett, but he and the Oracle of Omaha do have a few things in common: Both are billionaires. Both are reportedly humble about their outrageous financial […]… [more]

Manhattan nonprofits rush to sell as values skyrocket

Churches, schools and cultural institutions feel pressure to sell their properties intensify before market turns

With Manhattan real estate prices on the rise, a slew of major religious, cultural and government institutions — some of which are cash-strapped — are looking to offload properties in […]… [more]

The abatement-gate fallout

Probe into 421a tax breaks for Extell, Silverstein and Thor will likely zero in on campaign finance reform

The relationship between Albany lawmakers and real estate developers will be thrust into the spotlight this month. Indeed, the industry is anxiously awaiting the findings of the so-called Moreland Commission […]… [more]

The Newark skyline

Behind Newark’s biggest boom in decades

The long-blighted city of Newark, New Jersey, is undergoing its biggest economic growth period since the 1950s. Indeed, in mid-September, the city opened its first new office tower in 20 […]… [more]

What you liked in 2013, and what’s ahead

Will the good times roll, all the way into 2014? That’s the question on the minds of those in New York real estate, after a year in which price records […]… [more]

The skinny on SHoP’s new skinny tower

In the course of reviewing architecture in New York City and elsewhere, I find that most buildings inspire in me either appreciation of their beauty, anger at their ugliness, or […]… [more]

Bill Picoli (left) and Andrew Barrocas

NYC’s land rush

Developers play with thin margins as Manhattan land prices skyrocket

Call it New York City’s new land rush. In the last year, prices for land and developable sites in the city — particularly in Manhattan and prime Brooklyn — have […]… [more]

Groundhog day for federal housing taxes

Congress comes down to the wire, again, on slew of financial relief programs for homeowners

Haven’t we seen this movie before? On Capitol Hill, for the second year in a row, key federal tax assistance for homeowners is heading for expiration within weeks. And there’s […]… [more]

Office market ends 2013 on high note

Total Manhattan leasing activity expected to be greater than in 2012

There’s no winter chill in the Manhattan office leasing market. Despite the distracting hubbub of parties and holiday dinners, transactions traditionally rise in the fourth quarter. “The deal flow is […]… [more]