February 2018 Issue

Real estate’s tech disruptors

UPDATED, Feb. 5, 11:38 a.m.: Just 20 years ago, fax machines were in wide use and most people didn’t have cell phones. Fast forward to today, and smartphones are inescapable and personal hotspots are tucked into everyone’s pockets. The real estate industry has seen its own advances during that time, with drones debuting on construction sites and prefabricated modular apartments now being snapped together easily onsite. Today, for example, it’s… [more]

Sealing deals
and taking names

Few of the city’s residential brokerage were sorry to see 2017 close out. Why … [more]

Realogy’s realignment

In 1996, when Richard Smith took the helm of Realogy, the housing bubble was in its infancy; there was no such thing as Zillow; and the concept of a startup… [more]

Who’s listing the most?

It’s one thing to land a listing, but it’s quite another to sell it. And that, in a nutshell, is the conundrum in Manhattan’s residential market these days. Agents have… [more]

The investment sales shakeout

UPDATED, Feb. 14, 2:20 p.m.: Turnover among New York City’s commercial real estate brokerages is rarely labeled a “game changer.” But when the city’s top investment sales firms experienced one… [more]

Can Brooklyn MLS keep
going it alone?

Over footage of the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island and smiling couples standing in front of their homes, Brooklyn MLS … [more]

Condo loan, take two

When Hines landed $860 million in construction financing for its luxury condo project at 53 West 53rd Street in … [more]

The Closing: David Rozenholc

David Rozenholc is one of NYC’s most feared tenant lawyers. Over three-plus decades, Rozenholc has won millions of dollars in settlements and gone up against some of the city’s biggest… [more]

Highgate: The quiet hotel powerhouse

Those who grew up in the 1980s will no doubt remember the catchy jingle about the Milford Plaza Hotel — aka the Lullaby of Broadway. But in 2009, there was very… [more]

Gut checking real estate’s interest rate fears

Federal Reserve chairs have the power to put financial markets in a frenzy with a few seemingly harmless phrases. … [more]

Recalling the ‘toughest
woman in real estate’

Women who have smashed through the glass ceiling in New York real estate may have Cecilia Benattar to thank. By her mid-30s, Benattar had earned her … [more]

Viñoly goes conventional

Since the dawn of the new millennium, no Manhattan building has been more controversial than Rafael Viñoly’s pencil-thin 432 Park Avenue. On the one hand, the nearly 1,400-foot-tall tower, one… [more]

Rethinking retail solutions

New York City retail has seen better days, and lately there’s a lot of talk about what can be done to help it. The City Council approved a bill in… [more]

Construction shifts into cool-down mode

After three years of flying high, residential construction in New York City took a hit in 2017. The residential sector … [more]

It’s the economy, landlords

When BlackRock finalized a deal last year for 847,000 square feet at 50 Hudson Yards — the largest new lease of 2017 — a portion of the office space was… [more]

Editor’s note: Downloading deals and uploading investment

Is Bitcoin getting a little played out? In our cover story this issue, we look at the new technology that has the potential to revolutionize real estate — way beyond… [more]

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