January 2016 Issue

The Future of NYC real estate

The Hudson Yards Culture Shed, a yet-to-be-built arts and performance space at 10 Hudson Yards, just might wind up being the Batmobile of buildings. Dormant, it’s a glassy fortress. Animated, it will be able to extend its wings so-to-speak by sliding out a retractable exterior as a canopy. The design is a window into the future of New York City construction — and the role technology will play. This isn’t… [more]

TRD predicts what NYC will look like in 10 years

What can happen in 10 years? Well, a decade ago, “Billionaires’ Row” had yet to enter the real estate lexicon…. [more]

The city that Shelly built

Sheldon Silver may have had just one vote, but a “no” from him carried more weight than any other politician in the state legislature. For developers, it could be the… [more]

Who’s winning the Brooklyn office battle?

In the Brooklyn office market, the race is on. Builders of massive developments in former industrial districts are feverishl… [more]

Can you say UES
building boom?

For years, the promise of a Second Avenue subway line has tantalized residential developers who have been hungrily eying the stretch of the Upper East… [more]

Construction giant builds
new platform

t’s hard to miss Melissa Burch. For starters, as a top executive at construction giant Lend Lease, she’s a woman operating… [more]

NYC’s in-house powerhouses

In February 2012, sales agents Dan Tubb, Jeannie Woodbrey and Emily Sertic brokered what could be considered the deal of a lifetime. They locked in a buyer for a sprawling… [more]

Has Soho lost its mojo?

At first glance, retail in Soho, one of New York’s biggest and trendiest shopping districts, looks to be as robust as ever. On any given weekend, the big-name stores that line Broadway and West… [more]

Real estate’s tech arms race

Anyone who has banked online, shopped on Amazon or shared digital photos recently can understand why real estate firms are clamoring for new technology. It’s been a decade since the… [more]

Welcome to real estate’s
tech graveyard

The failure rate for startups is high — anywhere from 75 percent to 90 percent, according to industry estimates. And if that weren’t enough, here’s another … [more]

Who’s bankrolling real
estate’s tech boom?

Roughly $1.5 billion flowed into real estate tech companies in 2015, and those funds came from an increasingly diverse pool of investors. In addition to about a dozen venture capital… [more]

Could these new technologies change your world?

Every real estate startup under the sun is looking to become the industry’s next tech mainstay, but not every one makes the cut. The Real Deal sifted through… [more]

The Closing: Frank Sciame Jr.

Born: May 3, 1951 Lives in: Locust Valley, Long Island Family: Married for 40 years; Four children Sciame founded his eponymous construction company in 1975 and to date has completed… [more]

2016: The year of the slowdown?

On the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of the monkey. But in the NYC real estate market, could it be the year of the slowdown? This month, The Real… [more]

The sovereign wealth
ruling class

t’s always good to have deep pockets, but few institutional investors carry checkbooks backed by entire nations. Yet point to one of New York City’s recent big-ticket… [more]

An alien within

Few people have been as kind to the Upper West Side as finance bigwig Richard Gilder, who sits on the boards of the New-York Historical Society and the… [more]

Manhattan’s hospitality blues

In 2015, Manhattan was a little less hospitable to hotel owners than it was in 2014. Indeed, at the end of last month, Manhattan’s $8 billion hotel market was on track to see its first decline… [more]

The interest rate upshot

New York City homebuyers have been hearing about a possible interest rate hike for several years now, but just how much different will the post-hike landscape be for the market… [more]

Rising home prices spur
equity growth

Here’s some housing cheer for the end of the year: The stock market may have taken people’s 401(k) and other funds on scary rides in 2015, but new data from the Federal Reserve suggests… [more]

Back to the future

The 19th century philosopher Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”
The statement applies to both the start of a new year and the January issue of The Real Deal, in which we thoroughly try to understand what the future of New York real estate holds as well as… [more]

Comings and Goings

Jay Kreisberg joined ABS Partners as director of property management. Kreisberg will oversee office, retail and multifamily properties operated by ABS across NYC. Laurel Lantz joined Rose Associates as director… [more]

We Heard

For “Million Dollar Listing New York” star Ryan Serhant, real estate is becoming a family business. Serhant’s fiancée, Emilia Bechrakis, a Greek attorney for a container shipping company, has jumped… [more]

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