June 2016 Issue

Millennial City

Mention the term “millennial” and you may as well run for cover. The generation of young adults who came of age during the financial crisis — and in the glare of social media — is both lauded for embracing innovation and social responsibility and despised for being lazy and self-indulgent. But the sheer numbers make millennials — those born between 1981 and 1997 — all but impossible to ignore. Currently… [more]

The Hamptons horse race

For many New Yorkers — whether they travel by Jitney or private helicopter — summer in the city would be a foreign concept without weekends in the… [more]

How high can
Michael Stern fly?

Like Manhattan’s jagged skyline, the history of its real estate industry is shaped by steep rises and swift falls. There is… [more]

Toledano’s fast and rocky ride

Raphael Toledano has difficulty staying still. On a recent afternoon, the stubble-faced real estate wunderkind sat in his office, dressed in a black suit and leather slip-on… [more]

Manhattan’s hotel wars

Manhattan has a hotel room for every budget, whether it’s at a marquee address with $10,000-plus nightly rates or a no-frills establishment on a nondescript side street. But each of… [more]

Ryan Serhant unscripted

In the span of 72 hours in early May, reality-TV star and top New York City residential broker Ryan Serhant put two units under contract at 100 Avenue A in… [more]

The great escape: NYC developers who are breaking into other markets

More than 2,000 miles from his office on Third Avenue, Gary Barnett is quietly buying up acres of land in a locale that might seem worlds away for New York’s… [more]

The Closing:
Robert Gladstone

Robert Gladstone is the owner of Madison Equities, a Manhattan-based development firm founded in the 1960s by his parents, Kenneth and Lucille Gladstone…. [more]

Skanska’s NYC blueprint

LaGuardia Airport, which last year saw nearly 30 million travelers, is one of the most derided transportation hubs. It’s been compared to a Third World country, criticized for its outdated… [more]

Rafael Viñoly: The pragmatist of Park Avenue

There are few parts of Manhattan — or even the outer boroughs — where 432 Park Avenue, rising in all its geometric perfection, is not visible. For that reason and… [more]

Luxury rental throwdown

After experiencing an incredible run-up in prices over the last five years, the NYC luxury rental market may be finally hitting a ceiling.  “Last September is when things started to… [more]

West Side island escape

Last summer, when the weather was especially pleasant, I decided to walk along the Hudson River from 72nd street, near where I live, all the way down to Battery Park…. [more]

Mini office space grows in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn neighborhoods outside of the borough’s Downtown business hub are having their own office party. Many of those neighborhoods are seeing… [more]

Editor’s note: Millennial mania

It’s a young person’s world. And that is just as true in real estate as it is anywhere else. The constantly buzzed-about millennial generation is shaking up New York City’s… [more]

Sticker shock

By one measure, New Jersey’s residential market is robust, as rising sales are putting a dent in inventory. Yet the price tags on some luxury homes are giving buyers… [more]

Gauging the limits of Jersey’s luxury residential market

For even well-off Manhattanites, the dream of raising a family in a traditional single-family home with a white picket fence, minivan, puppy and two or more… [more]

Barry’s world

As a New Jersey native, David Barry has seen countless changes along the Hudson River. Less than two decades ago, Jersey City’s waterfront was primarily used as a shipping hub… [more]

Land ho!

The Gold Coast of New Jersey has gotten so hot for developers in recent years that in many areas near the waterfront there is hardly any land left to go… [more]

Don’t call us Brooklyn!

It’s no secret that Brooklyn has experienced a transformative renaissance in the past decade. And while many cities in and around the New York metro area seek to have their… [more]

Playing both sides
of the Hudson

Steven Pozycki is Jersey to the core. So is the firm he founded, SJP Properties, long based in Parsippany, New Jersey. So it surprised some industry insiders… [more]

Trump’s New Jersey successes and blunders

The Republican front-runner and celebrity real estate mogul may be from Queens, New York, but for the last three decades Donald Trump has made it his mission… [more]

Hitting home

Headlines about the wave of foreclosures that swept the country a few years ago have begun to fade from memory. Yet in New Jersey, foreclosures that originated in the housing… [more]

New projects in new nabes

As the local economy continues to shake off the aftereffects of the previous recession, New Jersey developers have begun pouring money into big-ticket projects slated to put millions of new… [more]

Building boom forces developers to reach
for financing

Developers hoping to get in on the boom rolling across Northern New Jersey may have a tougher go with lenders than they did a couple of years ago. While the… [more]

Obsolete office parks?

With an increasing number of companies moving toward urban cores, the future of New Jersey’s sprawling suburban office parks and large corporate plazas is in question. The Garden State, in… [more]

Timeshare trials and tribulations

When New Jersey voters go to the polls on Nov. 3, they will be asked — among other things — to approve the licensing of two new casinos in northern… [more]

Celebs aren’t immune
to price cuts

Celebrities have been slashing prices on their Jersey crash pads, with actors, singers, talk show hosts and quarterbacks all in search of deep-pocketed buyers…. [more]

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