March 2020 Issue


NYC’s residential rental industry is thrown into turmoil with the stroke of a regulator’s pen and the bang of a judge’s gavel

The entire business model of most rental brokerages is in limbo, forcing firms to make tough choices as they plan for survival if the change remains in place…. [more]

Rental firms grieve over broker fees

Surprise ban on tenant-paid fees threatens an already strained sector as many brokerages find their business model in limbo

Firms are still reeling from the near-death experience of their business model…. [more]

Rental chaos raises tensions between tenants and landlords

What the confusion over new broker fee rules means for renters and owners

The lack of clarity around the state’s broker fee guidance has become a major point of confusion and tension…. [more]

Compass faces a reckoning

VC-backed firm has ascended the ranks nationally. But with spendthrift days in the past, it faces an uphill battle in over a dozen markets: TRD analysis

A closer look at Compass’ track record across the country reveals uneven growth…. [more]

A tight hustle: TRD’s annual tally of the city’s biggest investment sales firms

Ranking the city’s leading brokerages

2019 was another tough year for the city’s investment sales market and the brokers who put these deals together…. [more]

Taxes at every turn

Behind the litany of levies facing New York City real estate

Roughly a year ago, the real estate industry successfully lobbied to thwart what its leaders said would be a devastating new tax. The pied-à-terre tax would have slapped an annual… [more]

The Closing: Don Capoccia

The veteran builder on going up against the Hells Angels, his controversial Bedford Armory redevelopment and fighting for LGBT rights

Donald Capoccia is a founding member and principal at BFC Partners…. [more]

Behind Safehold’s pay dirt plan

Jay Sugarman’s latest REIT is looking to revolutionize ground lease deals, but is New York’s real estate industry buying it?

Until recently, many viewed Safehold as a firm with an intriguing proposition but an unproven track record…. [more]

Selling the city

TRD’s residential brokerage ranking expands beyond Manhattan

Sometimes you can lose and still win. Douglas Elliman’s Manhattan sales dropped more than 23 percent last year from an eye-popping 2018 total of nearly $9 billion, but it still… [more]

Listings leaderboard

TRD tallies the properties firms are touting across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens

It was the year of the buyer — with some of the priciest New York City sales counting as buy-side deals for major players like Corcoran, Compass and Douglas Elliman…. [more]

Pension fund money is getting tangled in some controversial housing deals

Fraught politics and stricter housing laws are causing new concerns

Another significant group of investors is exposed to the new rent regime…. [more]

Editor’s note: The broker fee fall

Go ahead, pile it on. It’s already hard enough being a real estate broker today with a sluggish market, rent reform laws, plunging stock prices, a looming recession and the… [more]


Breaking down real estate’s big e-commerce bets and what’s at stake for major players like Blackstone and Prologis
Two radical proposals that the real estate lobby was able to kill last year have returned to haunt the industry
A roundup of news and data on the residential market
A roundup of news and data on the residential market
A roundup of news and data on the commercial market
A roundup of news and data on the commercial market

We Heard

UPDATED, March 10, 2020, 2:45 p.m.: Developer Young Woo recently brought up building dog condos in Chelsea, which left at least one New Yorker barking mad. Woo floated the idea… [more]

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