New Jersey July 2018 Issue

Only the tech-savvy survive

Agents at Northern New Jersey’s top-ranking brokerages employ all the tools they can get to stay ahead, but the going isn’t cheap,
or easy

Staying ahead of the pack in real estate isn’t cheap these days, and the industry certainly isn’t for Luddites. Agents say a combo of ready cash and tech know… [more]

Ranking NJ’s high-end
home sales

Brokers say luxury homes are sitting longer, while new homes outfitted with technology and the ‘Pottery Barn look’ appeal to buyers

Brokers selling homes in North Jersey saw nearly a dozen properties leaving the market for upwards of $4 million between May 1, 2017, and April 30, 2018, … [more]

Setting a new tone in the Garden State

Change has been slow going since Gov. Phil Murphy took office in January, but some of his policies are starting to take shape

When Phil Murphy beat out then-Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno to clinch the gubernatorial seat in New Jersey last November, his victory was … [more]

The right side of the tracks

Some New Jersey towns close to transit options have seen home prices spike this year

As more and more young families and professionals flee New York in search of more space and a lower cost of living, New Jersey towns with easy access to transit… [more]

Atlantic City goes all in

The struggling town is set for a renaissance thanks to the opening of new casinos and a slew of offerings not related to the gambling scene

Atlantic City seems to be getting back in the game. The recent legalization of sports betting can only help the casino-driven local economy, experts say. But … [more]

Making the old new again

Aetna Realty and SJP Properties have teamed up to convert a four-acre industrial site into a mixed-use megaproject, but they aren’t the only ones making new inroads in Newark

Beaten down and brushed off for decades, Newark has bounced back in recent years, primarily due to the construction of apartment buildings. … [more]

Redevelopment keeps
Montclair on the map

The George, a hotel by makeup mogul Bobbi Brown and her developer husband, is one of a handful of prestige projects in town

Montclair has always been a popular New Jersey location, but it’s recently been getting more than its usual fair share of attention. That’s in part because, after living… [more]

Tallying NJ’s residential developers

Despite increased costs — including new tariffs on materials — TRD’s analysis shows a growing appetite for building

Surging construction costs compounded by new tariffs and high land prices are the talk of the town among developers these days, but a huge spike in the number… [more]

Developers still see a bargain in Jersey City

Optimism surrounds the city’s new high-rise developments, but one of its biggest projects is stalled because of a legal dispute

The Jersey City boom is booming on, but even this real estate success story isn’t immune to a bit of presidential controversy. One of its biggest developers,… [more]

Office deals make
for heavy lifting

Downsizing companies and slow-going negotiations made for smaller deals on TRD’s ranking of biggest leases, but some brokers say they’re getting higher rents

Last year’s sluggish New Jersey office leasing market continued… [more]

A new era of office amenities

Landlords in New Jersey are adding top-notch cafeterias, co-working spaces and fitness centers in standalone buildings to appeal to today’s workforce

From barista bars and fitness centers to walking trails and conference facilities, office landlords in suburban New Jersey are racing to upgrade properties with … [more]

A new reason to visit the races

With the legalization of sports betting, developers are racing to expand tracks and casinos

After taking a lead role in successfully challenging the federal law banning sports betting in most states, New Jersey is poised to reap the benefits, from a general economic boost… [more]

Ranking the retail mix

From home decor superstores to small, targeted department stores, malls and shopping centers continue to change it up to get consumers off the internet
and in the door

With brick-and-mortar retail still struggling to adapt to a new normal in the wake of the Amazons of the world, the… [more]

Beyond urban New Jersey

Converted factories, redeveloped residential and new multifamily are some of the state’s biggest projects

While development in New Jersey’s urban centers is what primarily makes headlines, other areas of the Garden State are also capturing the interest of builders. The Real Deal looked in… [more]

New Jersey grapples
with new tax law

Some experts expect an exodus from the Garden State because of the reforms, while others say NJ residents could end up ahead

Everyone knows New Jersey is a high-tax state — it has the priciest property taxes in the country. That’s why homeowners are gnashing their teeth over… [more]

Ganja in the Garden State

Gov. Phil Murphy’s push to legalize marijuana could spark the economy and commercial real estate

No one knows exactly what the future of cannabis will look like in the state of New Jersey. As recently as February, a survey of state senators by NJ Cannabis… [more]

Editor’s note: Of tech and taxes

It takes a lot to stay on top, as any broker anywhere will tell you. And New Jersey — perhaps in particular — has its own set of challenges, as… [more]