October 2017 Issue

Murdoch ‘moves’ on Zillow

A look at Rupert Murdoch’s quest to take on Zillow in the real estate listings space through Realtor.com…. [more]

Real estate backs
renegade Dems

Outside a late September fundraiser for Jesse Hamilton — the state senator from Crown Heights — a small group… [more]

Rescuing 2 Herald Square

Two Herald Square is waiting for its white knight, but some are wondering whether its most likely savior is having second thoughts about a rescue. The 11-story building — which… [more]

Are Borough Park’s insular days numbered?

Gentrification may be synonymous with Brooklyn at this point, but the seemingly unstoppable phenomenon… [more]

Another residential loan
wave swells in NYC

Two years after going into contract on a sky-high condo at 432 Park Avenue, Hong Kong casino mogul Lawrence Ho finally … [more]

Solow’s last stand?

For someone who’s filed hundreds of lawsuits throughout his career, evicting a begrudging retail tenant might seem trivial. But this could be Sheldon Solow’s… [more]

The Closing: David Greenfield

Outgoing City Council land use chair David Greenfield on greenlighting major developments, trading ‘Greenfield’ cards and the best kosher bagels in NYC…. [more]

Blurring the boundaries

Developer Bruce Brickman started slashing prices at his luxury condo tower at 1280 Fifth Avenue a year after it hit the … [more]

The verdict on NYC’s top
real estate law firms

When upstart developer Bauhouse Group made a daring attempt to retain control of its troubled 3 Sutton Place… [more]

All rise: These are the law firms that wrangled
the big bucks

For many of New York City’s top real estate law firms, transactional work —… [more]

Will Barry Diller’s “wasted” millions on Pier 55 discourage real estate donors?

Experts say the lawsuits that surrounded the proposal for the floating park could make public-private partnerships less attractive…. [more]

Harry Black: from bootlegging liquor to building skyscrapers

The Flatiron Building, the Plaza Hotel and One Times Square are some… [more]

Dan Doctoroff
goes back in time

The epiphany that changed Dan Doctoroff’s life and dramatically reshaped… [more]

A rental aims for
condo panache

Perhaps not since Queen Dido laid out the city of Carthage at the beginning of Roman poet Virgil’s epic Latin poem “Aeneid” has the world seen as energetic… [more]

Will the craving for food halls die out in NYC?

Food halls are hotter than a dollop of artisanal ghost pepper mayonnaise in the summer. There are about… [more]

The commercial pricing

Commercial real estate sales in the five boroughs have seen a significant drop-off as buyers sit on the sidelines waiting… [more]

Editor’s note: A conversation with litigious landlords

Lawsuits are part of New York City real estate the same way fireworks are part of the Fourth of July. To sue or not to sue, that is often the… [more]

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