September 2018 Issue

Search and destroy: How CoStar became a $15B juggernaut

Just before 8 a.m. on Dec. 13, 2016, two teams of sheriffs descended upon narrow streets lined with cinder block buildings in Laoag, a city in northern Philippines. They stormed a pair of office buildings, leading some onlookers to think brawls had broken out. In fact, the target was Avion BPO, a call center and research facility with U.S. clients. A group of panicked Avion researchers locked themselves in a… [more]

Can Compass deliver?

Robert Reffkin did not want his picture taken. Not in front of an illuminated Compass logo. Not seated. And certainly not with… [more]

Mini mergers:
Smaller firms unite

Residential sales have slowed, the cost of running a brokerage has climbed,… [more]

The rise of the anonymous LLC

For more than four years, nobody knew who bought the only $100 million apartment in Manhattan. Real estate agents and architects who worked with the… [more]

Behind the AG finance bureau’s master plan

Eric Schneiderman’s resignation … [more]

The private equity paradox

There’s an eyebrow-raising issue playing out in the private equity world right now. While funds have pulled back on the… [more]

The construction unions
at a crossroads

Standing in front of thousands of … [more]

Commercial broker games

On top of lease escalations and the distinctions between rentable… [more]

The Closing:
Benjamin Brafman

Benjamin Brafman is the founder… [more]

Who owns all of New York?

When Silverstein Properties was bidding on the Helmsley Carlton House eight years ago, company executive Marty Burger thought his firm had a pitch that would win the property. “[We had]… [more]

Has LEED lost its luster?

To cut its energy usage in half, JPMorgan Chase hired more than 400 construction workers to upgrade its massive… [more]

Leveling a building
but not a legacy

While the 52-story tower at 270 Park Avenue is set to be demolished in the … [more]

Bjarke Ingels is twisting convention on
Manhattan’s West Side

Now it all seems so clear: We live in an age — or at least a season — of tilting … [more]

Residential market report

Tepid new dev market hits Manhattan’s median price Sliding new development prices dragged down the overall median price for Manhattan homes to… [more]

Commercial market report

NYC construction surpasses pre-recession levels Over 9 million square feet of new construction was completed in New York City in 2018’s second quarter, with… [more]

Editor’s note: Data drama

Data can sometimes be dry. CoStar’s story is anything but. In this month’s cover article, we take a look at the $15 billion real estate data firm, which has a… [more]

We Heard

Google isn’t just snapping up chunks of New York City and the Bay Area, it’s also starting to rebrand neighborhoods. And it seems U.S. lawmakers aren’t the only ones looking… [more]

In February 2017, Stonehenge Partners’ CEO, Ofer Yardeni, told a boisterous crowd at a panel on the city’s rental market: “If you are a 35-year-old and you live in [WeLive… [more]

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