The Real Deal Miami

County shuts off water at foreclosed condo, economist explains roots of downturn … and more

April 16, 2009 05:50PM

1. County shuts off water at foreclosed Miami-Dade condo building [Miami Herald]
2. Five South Floridians arrested in $4.5M mortgage fraud [SFBJ]
3. Town council willing to see Royal Poinciana Playhouse demolished [Palm Beach Daily News]
4. Ocean Bank files more foreclosure lawsuits [SBFJ]
5. Vacant Tampa apartment complex may become park [LA Times]
6. St. Petersburg developer offering 25 percent discount on luxury units [GlobeSt]
7. Treasury Department launches mortgage rescue plan [CNN Money]
8. Economist Robert Shiller explains roots of economic downturn [The McKinsey Quarterly]
9. Jobless claims and housing starts both drop, sending mixed signals [USA Today]
10. Commercial real estate might weaken further, but market won’t collapse [CNN Money]
11. Summer property rental prices fall [Property Wire]