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Help offered to homeowners who seek foreclosure

May 20, 2009 06:19PM

In order to reduce the number of foreclosure cases in Florida, officials are initiating new programs to ensure that homeowners pursue all possible options before filing for foreclosure. In Palm Beach, Chief Circuit Judge Kathleen Kroll has appointed another judge, Meenu Sasser, to only hear foreclosure cases, of which there are 888 scheduled for the month of June. Other counties are also exploring different options for keeping their foreclosure cases under control. In Broward County, Chief Circuit Judge Victor Tobin is issuing a series of new forms for all foreclosure cases which would require lenders to provide contact information for a representative to meet with homeowners and provide good-faith counseling. Conferences will also be offered to troubled homeowners where they can learn about the foreclosure process and their eligibility for a loan modification or short sale, rather than a foreclosure.