The Real Deal Miami

Lower home values driving up inventory, sellers taking losses as prices decline … and more

May 26, 2009 06:19PM

1. Lower home values driving up inventory, report says [SFBJ]
2. Broward, Palm Beach counties consider $363 million reservoir project [Sun-Sentinel]
3. New businesses launch in Palm Beach [Palm Beach Daily News]
4. Condominium designer’s office faces foreclosure [SFBJ]
5. A roundup of Palm Beach’s top real estate sales for the season [Palm Beach Daily News]
6. More action needed on Chinese drywall, column says [Miami Herald]
7. Plantation townhouses face foreclosure [SFBJ]
8. Several financially struggling Miami churches could close [Miami Herald]
9. Dream Hotel in South Beach could open Labor Day [Hotel Chatter]
10. LA restaurant Apple Restaurant & Lounge opens in Miami [Urban Daddy]
11. Sellers taking losses as home price declines continue [Washington Post]
12. Consumer confidence hits highest level since September [Post]
13. Shadow market could hinder real estate rebound [Christian Science Monitor]
14. Housing bottom means fewest number of home starts since 1945 [Bloomberg] 
15. Are homes good investments? [WSJ]
16. Freddie Mac to start multi-family funding program [Reuters]