This Week in Comments

August 28, 2009 03:20PM

Trump Hollywood may struggle in sleepy beach town
Will Trump ever change? He is proving himself to be a has-been developer especially in South Florida. Ostentatious development was so last year. Smart developers are guiding architects to welcome the outdoors in, to build to the human scale and to build structures that organically fit with their surroundings. All this new development in and around Fort. Lauderdale would be a joke if it wasn’t such a waste of resources. Get with it, Mr. Trump!

Property loan woes jolt banks
These community banks seem to be having the same problem that bigger banks are having. Hopefully these problems will fade before too much longer.

Home prices decline but pace slows
1. There’s no dead cat bounce in real estate. The market isn’t liquid enough and is reliant on lenders that need more than one month of good data to change their minds.
2. Once all of the buildings facing foreclosure get blown out at bargain basement pricing, and comps on the rest are stuck with these closed figures, we’ll have hit a bottom. That’s assuming that unemployment rates improve.