Corcoran talks about small ways to prep a home for sale

November 10, 2009 02:23PM

Barbara Corcoran, founder of the Corcoran Group, talked about small fixes to prepare a home for sale, on the Today show. They are: Trim or green the grass, resurface the driveway, replace the door knocker, replace the mailbox, customize the closets or at least clean them out, paint the walls linen white, spruce up the cabinets or at least replace the drawer pulls, add a tile back splash and replace the chandelier with a simple fixture that can go flush up against the ceiling. “People want to walk into your home and think they can see themselves living there. If it’s too personal, they don’t make that jump,” Corcoran said. She also suggested replacing switch plate covers with simple ones that are clean and adding new baseboards and crown moldings, which visually add about six inches to the eye. Plus, she said, buy a new toilet seat. “No one wants to move into your bathroom, I don’t care how nice the bathroom is,” she said. “So a fresh new toilet seat and a clean bathroom makes all the difference.”