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Nation’s foreclosure filings to reach 3.9M this year, TARP extended to October 2010 … and more

December 10, 2009 10:05AM

1. Nation’s foreclosure filings to reach 3.9M this year, breaking last year’s record [Bloomberg]
2. Citi angles to repay TARP funds [NYT]
3. American consumers are paying credit card bills before mortgage payments [The Truth About Mortgage]
4. Nationwide, only 10,000 homeowners received permanent loan modifications under Obama’s mortgage relief plan [USA Today]
5. TARP extended to October 2010 [Square Feet Blog] and [CBS]
6. Listing prices are down in 25 out of 26 markets [Matrix]
7. Until loan-to-value ratios drop, foreclosures will continue [Market Ticker]
8. Consumer lending shrank 1.7 percent in October for ninth consecutive month [WSJ via]
9. Investors interested in acquiring General Growth Properties malls are running into difficulties [Reuters]
10. BofA has repaid $45 billion in government bailout funds it has received [USA Today] and [CNBC]
11. Citigroup will repay TARP by raising money through a stock offering [CNBC]
12. Green buildings architect Malcom Wells dies at age 83 [Media Bistro]
13. Government-sponsored enterprises are adopting standards which will “remove a significant disincentive for buyouts” [Housing Wire]