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January 08, 2010 04:01PM

Price cuts at Wind by Neo in Miami

1. How likely are these cuts to work, given that the danger of foreclosure? If the property were to be foreclosed on, isn’t the normal thing for the condominium ownership to turn into a mere leasehold?

2. More Miami junk being marketed to unsuspecting, uninformed buyers. When are you people going to learn the true value of the majority of Miami properties is 30 to 40 percent of asking price?!

Party now, distress later for Miami Beach hotels
It is absurd that the hotels are charging that much. They should promote Miami Beach as the coolest place not the most expensive place. Miami Beach lacks sense. Charge the right price, we will fill the hotels. Shape up the valet parking people, too. They sabotage the establishments.

Miami Beach’s Canyon Ranch fetches $291 million 
Yes, $300 [per square foot] is the max anyone should pay. The bank was stupid to [have] lent all that money in the first place; now [they] pretend that the price is right.