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Courthouse vote puts Broward taxpayers on the hook

February 03, 2010 12:06PM

Broward County is getting a new courthouse, and the $328 million price tag will be footed by taxpayers. The aging courthouse is rat-invested, has mold problems and needs significant repairs. Though the Broward County Commission vote on the project was split 6-3, proponents of the new building said area lawyers had lobbied hard for the replacement, and said the estimated $8 increase on property taxes per year to pay for the project would not arrive until this autumn or in 2011. Chief Judge Victor Tobin said that although the economy is suffering, the county had taken a bold and necessary step. Plans would have the 50-year-old middle section of the courthouse demolished immediately and be replaced by a 20-story tower to the west of the original structure on county-owned property. The property, at Southeast 6th Street and Southeast 1st Avenue, is currently a judges’ parking lot. The planned 20-story tower will have 74 courtrooms and judicial chambers, secure corridors for prisoners and judges, and space for court and prosecutor offices. [Sun Sentinel]