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February 26, 2010 01:44PM

Commercial mortgage defaults skyrocket
Say bye-bye to [commercial real estate] for many years to come. It should start to unwind around 2017.

Mortgage application volume drops
[It] could only mean more cash buyers.

Background checks grow more popular
If one tries to do a background check on a purchaser of real estate, not a co-op share, the federal law requires you accept all buyers except those with federal felony drug convictions. One needs to have a privacy policy and retention schedule in place or pay a fine.

Marlins Stadium parking garages to break ground in May
Maybe the City of Miami can get its Chapter 9 paperwork submitted before then.

With more people getting mortgages directly from banks, what does the future hold for mortgage brokers?
A good mortgage broker is an asset while an uneducated one is nothing but a mosquito.

LXR’s One Thousand Ocean complete
I guess that wouldn’t be surprising if Blackstone has an investment that works out well.