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BP pays $157,942 in claims for Florida real estate losses

June 22, 2010 12:00PM

The company has paid $7.7 million total in Florida claims

A report on BP claims due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows that
the oil company had shelled out $157,942 as of June 11 for Florida real estate losses. The categories of
losses are vague, described by terms like “swimming pool,” “plants,” and
“real estate sales.” There were 1,019 claims in Florida for losses on rental properties, with 393 payments — totaling $145,744 — made so far. There were also 199 claims made related to real estate sales, with
only two paid, totaling $9,698. Of the three claims for structural damage to homes, one $2,500 payment has been made. Overall, the company has paid out a total of $7.7
million in Florida claims, most of which were related to the fishing industry and to wage losses. [Palm
Beach Post]