Corcoran agent hopes to ‘survive’ in jungle

By Amy Tennery | August 13, 2010 01:30PM

Corcoran agent Matthew Lenahan, who will appear on “Survivor,” has listings at the Soha 118 in Harlem (Lenahan photo source: CBS)

From the New York website: While New York City real estate agents need thick skin — enduring a cutthroat industry with infighting, mind games and, at times, harsh environs — there’s one jungle that most of them would not be prepared for: the Nicaraguan wilderness.

But one agent, Matthew Lenahan from the Corcoran Group, who specializes in the Harlem market and whose listings include units in the Soha 118 at 301 West 118th Street, will face a challenge unthinkable by most. He is among the cast members for the new season of “Survivor,” set to debut Sept. 15, during which time contests will face numerous mental and physical challenges, in a bid to win a $1 million grand prize. In addition to his name appearing on the Corcoran website (the firm did not
respond to requests for comment), it can be found on an online
“Survivor” fan page. (“Anyone else think Matthew is a MAJOR [past contestant] Tyson [Apostol] WANNABE???” snarks one poster), his Corcoran family has been more generous when talking to The Real Deal about him. [more]