Judge rules that Stony Brook University should not have closed Southampton campus last year … and more

September 01, 2010 08:00AM

1. Stony Brook University shouldn’t have closed its Southampton campus last year: judge [AP via Journal News]
2. FDIC: U.S. banks did less lending, more profiting during Q2 [NYO]

3. Lawyer for 104-year-old heiress and massive Fifth Avenue apartment owner tried to get her to sign will leaving him $1M, paralegal says [Post]
4. One if by Land, Two if by Sea owner Oscar Proust buys $3M East Village penthouse duplex close to work [NYO, 2nd item]
5. Gramercy’s Veritas closes for renovations [Eater]
6. Oval Office gets design makeover, courtesy of New York [Village Voice]
7. Employment and job trainer FedCap leases space in the South Bronx’s BankNote Buidling [Post, 3rd item]
8. U.S. consumer confidence gets a little less depressed in August [CNN Money]
9. FiDi’s Bear & Bull restaurant shutters [Eater, 3rd item]

10. How mortgage fraud shaped the housing collapse [HousingWatch]
11. East Village pizza joint closes [East Village Feed]
12. Investors expect a shaky September for stock market [HuffPo]
13. Mai Cuisine to replace Chiyoda Sushi in Midtown spot [Midtown Lunch]

14. Divorcing couple Vicky Ward and Matthew Doull list West Village townhouse for $6M [Realestalker]
15. New Frankies restaurant to open in former Hudson Corner Café space on West 11th Street [Eater]
16. Job market for Wall Street regulators booming [BusinessWeek]
17. 10 hotel room designs that leave something to be desired [Hotel Chatter]

18. Ex-Helio’s store in Park Slope to become a bar [Here Is Park Slope]
19. Brooklyn’s bedbug watch list [McBrooklyn]
20. And the unenvolved state of scientific bedbug research [NYT]