Plantation waterfront homeowners plagued by weed overgrowth

Waterfront homeowners in Plantation Isles and Plantation Harbor are riled over a recent overgrowth of algae, hydrilla and vallisneria in the city-owned salt water canals that connect their properties to the ocean and the fact that the city isn’t liable for the maintenance due to a long-standing ordinance. Now, the homeowners are faced with divvying up the preservation of the canal amongst themselves, all while paying thousands of additional taxes to the city for owning waterfront property, and they are furious at the prospect of paying for the cleanup of a public waterway. Plantation has said it cannot afford a cleanup program, though it did commission an evaluation of the conditions in the canal last month, when complaints from residents began pouring in. The evaluation was inconclusive in terms of determining the source of the new freshwater plants. [Miami Herald] 

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