The Real Deal Miami

Floor-plan fumbles

December 08, 2010 02:56PM

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From the New York December issue: Kitchen counters that can barely fit a coffeemaker, doors that swing the wrong way and terrace railings that hide views. These are just a few of the notorious apartment layout mistakes that regularly work their way into blueprints for New York City apartments. But if there is an upside to this long-standing problem, it’s that the downturn is having a corrective effect on floor-plan blunders. Unlike in the heady days of the boom, today there is little room for these sorts of layout and design miscalculations, brokers say. “I think the pressure on the development community to provide marketable product is so high today that people are now being sensitive to every single issue in order to build the best possible product,” said Adrienne Albert, CEO of The Marketing Directors. [more]