Miami, YMCA spar over stalled rec site

February 09, 2011 02:19PM

A YMCA facility planned for a 10-acre vacant lot in South Miami is the site of a showdown between its hopeful operators and the city. The parcel is owned by the city, which bought it for $2.5 million from the YMCA six years ago in a 50-year sale and leaseback deal. As part of the deal, the YMCA would pay a nominal $1 per year to use the property. But now the city says the YMCA, which has yet to construct the new recreation center it had promised, has violated the terms of the lease agreement. In December, City Manager Hector Mirabile sent the non-profit a letter of default, demanding $20,000 per year for each year that the property has sat vacant. That letter was countered by a letter of default from the YMCA, which charged that the city hasn’t helped it to secure the bonds it needs for building to begin, as was also promised. The two sides are slated to meet Feb. 17 to come to a resolution without resorting to the court system. [Miami Herald]