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South Florida is #1 for mortgage fraud

#1 in mortgage fraud, #1 in medicare fraud, #1 in insurance fraud… for god’s sake, does anybody in South Florida have a legitimate job?

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Bacardi family facing community opposition to West Kendall development plans

A $200K membership program in a [down] economy is absurd unless [the golf course is] surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions whose prices have maintained, which is not the case [at Calusa Country Club]. If Mr. Bacardi bought the property as an investment with high anticipated returns then I can understand his redirecting for other use. If he wanted to operate the course in a financially viable manner, he’d need to bring in outside professional consultants and be prepared to operate in a different membership structure and maintain the course differently as well.

Regulators settle with foreclosure firm

1. Something has to give here… either force the banks to lower the mortgage amount to market value or take the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

2. What a scam. What a let down. Can you say, slap on the wrist?