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Broward judge joins foreclosure mill
1. This is a concern regarding conflicts of interest. Do we want judges to be able to work for firms that will benefit from rules they implemented during their service as a judge? Judge Tobin signed the order that prohibited last-minute requests for emergency hearings in foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure mills benefit from this rule. Sounds like another challenge waiting to happen.

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2. No wonder honest people are so disgusted with the justice system! That judge must have known for a while that he was going to [make] this move. How did he rule when that law firm was in font of him? A judge, I think, needs to have enough integrity that he would not associate him/herself with a company that paid $2 million for allegations of wrongdoing. What other judge is next to make such a move?

23 percent of US homebuyers are underwater

If you don’t let the market take it’s natural course of ups and downs, we’ll be in this mess until they do.

Scott may veto college construction budget

Rick Scott turned down much-needed $2.4 billion dollars [in] federal money, which would have created 24,000 jobs and saved energy.