Palm Beach County considers beach parking fees rather than property tax hike

From left: County Commissioner Shelley Vana and County Commission Chairwoman Karen Marcus
Rather than raise property taxes for a third straight year, Palm Beach County is considering joining the likes of Boca Raton, Delray Beach and other communities and charging beach parking fees to boost revenues.

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The Sun-Sentinel reported that County Commissioner Shelley Vana is calling for legislators to consider charging for parking. The county estimates that a $1.50 per hour fee could rase $2.5 million a year. The county faces a $50 million budget shortfall, partly because property tax revenue has collapsed with the housing market.

Opponents, including Palm Beach County Commission Chairwoman Karen Marcus, say the fees would be more trouble than they’re worth. “I’m a native. Paying to park at the beach is something we don’t understand,” Marcus said, pointing out that the $2.5 million additional revenue is relatively small considering the size of the deficit. [Sun-Sentinel]

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