JPMorgan files to foreclose on O.J. Simpson’s Kendall home

January 16, 2012 06:00PM

From left: O.J. Simpson and 9450 SW 112th Street

JPMorgan Chase filed to foreclose on imprisoned former NFL star O.J. Simpson’s Kendall home, according to Miami-Dade Circuit Court records cited by the Associated Press. The foreclosure was filed in September, and Simpson’s attorney has since filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Simpson bought the house, located at 9450 SW 112th Street, in 2000 for $575,000, but was financially destroyed by court orders related to his murder acquittal, the AP said. A judge ordered him to pay $33.5 million for the wrongful death of Ronald Goldman, who he was charged of killing along with his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Goldman’s attorney, David Cook, told the AP the foreclosure was likely a direct result of the bankruptcy brought on by the wrongful death settlement.

In 2007, Simpson received $750,00 for “If I Did It,” a book ghostwritten under his name whose rights were sent to the Goldman estate, and used $350,000 of it to pay down a line of credit tied to the Kendall home. However Cook got return of the money as it was deemed an “ill-gotten gain”, and the bank raised Simpson’s mortgage amount to offset the cost.

“It was just a matter of time before he would lose the house,” Cook said. [AP via NPR]