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South Florida construction spending sees bounce

February 09, 2012 12:45PM

Construction is rising in South Florida

Construction spending in South Florida rose for the fourth month in a row in Broward County in November, joining Miami-Dade County as areas with sustained growth in the sector, the Miami Herald reported. “We’re seeing a lot of custom-home building,” said Bernie Navarro, head of the Latin Builders Association. “You see it in Key Biscayne and Coral Gables and Pinecrest. Those places had fallen to zero. Now they’re back on.” While construction employment is falling, the losses are more narrow than previously. “It’s going better than I expected six months ago,” said David Denslow, an economist at the University of Florida. “Remember, six months ago we were worried about a double dip. Now all of the evidence is pointing the other way.” [Miami Herald]