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Rep. Mica brings GSA waste probe to Miami’s David Dyer Federal Building

The David Dyer Courthouse

Florida Congressman John Mica brought his probe of alleged waste in the General Services Administration to Miami’s vacant, 179,000-square-foot David Dyer Federal Building yesterday for a hearing on unused government properties. The property in downtown Miami, which has been vacant for almost five years, reportedly costs taxpayers $1.2 million each year. “This agency and the federal government waste billions of dollars sitting on empty and underused buildings,” Mica said in a statement. “I am continuing to call attention to the outrageous losses on federally-owned assets with incredible but squandered potential to generate revenue.” The government has been searching, thus far in vain, to find a new use for the property, which was replaced by a new federal courthouse in 2007 nearby. The hearing is the latest in a series held in similarly-vacant federal buildings. The next will be in Los Angeles Aug. 17. — Alexander Britell