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Luxury building plays poop detective, demands doggie DNA

January 15, 2013 03:00PM

Orlando’s Vue condos

Orlando pet owners are getting a taste of what its like to live in one of Miami’s fussier luxury condominiums. According to Geekosystem, Orlando’s luxury condo building, Vue, is instituting mandatory genetic tagging of all the building’s canine resident to crack down on those who turn their noses up on dog poop.

The rule was instituted after cameras failed to catch a resident who habitually refused to pick up what their dog left behind. So instead of say, posting a sign or hiring additional staff, the condo association decided that something a little more extreme was necessary.

As of next month, residents will be required to submit a sample of their pup’s DNA to the condo association, who will then pay a Tennessee firm to create a doggie database. Then any dog poop not picked up can be matched to the pooch’s owner. [Geekosystem]Christopher Cameron