Florida’s foreclosure rate climbs 12% in January

February 14, 2013 12:00PM

A comparison of foreclosure activity in Florida and California (image courtesy: Realty Trac)

For the fifth straight month, Florida has seen the highest foreclosure rate of any U.S. state, according to a report released today by data provider RealtyTrac. In January, the foreclosure rate in Florida climbed 12 percent from the previous month and 20 percent from January 2012. One in every 300 Florida housing units was in some state of foreclosure—more than twice the national average.

With a total of 29,800 properties filing for foreclosure in January, the Sunshine State also posted the highest number of foreclosed homes for the month, marking the first month in six years that California has not had the highest number of foreclosure properties.

Florida cities also accounted for six of the top ten metro foreclosure rates. Ocala, Fla. topped the list, with one in every 223 housing units with a foreclosure filing in January. Miami came in second with one in 228 housing units, Orlando in third with one in 241, Jacksonville in eighth with one in 301, Tampa at ninth with one in 307 and Lakeland in tenth with one in 332.–Sanna Chu