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Greenway could connect Miami and Everglades City, but may take years to build

The River of Grass greenway, which will constitute part of the proposed Everglades greenway

Public trails and bike paths may one day connect Miami, Naples and Everglades City, the Miami Herald reported. The National Park Service and planners in Miami-Dade County’s parks department are at work to create a network of trails and paths that will form the “Everglades greenway,” which would encourage the public to enjoy the natural preserve, while not disrupting its ecology with cars, the  paper said. However, it could take as long as a generation to develop the public space.

A projected cost for the entire project is not yet available, but Miami-Dade parks planner Mark Heinicke said it would likely run about $75 million, or $1 million per mile. So far, no funding has been set aside for the ambitious project, the paper said. [Miami Herald] –Guelda Voien

  • Gladesman

    Folks need to be aware of the serious PERMANENT environmental impacts that are unavoidable over the 75 mile length of this project that spans practically all the way across the State.

    Anyone the least bit concerned about the welfare of plants and wildlife in the Glades or Big Cypress should access and comment directly to the document called a draft feasibility study. It is set up to be very convenient to comment on once one is registered and signed in to the site which is required to access the link to the study.

    Here’s how to get to the study draft:

    1 Go to that is a mindmixer web talk forum site.

    2 Register and sign in (required in order to access the document in question)

    3 On the home page clik the Topic Details tab

    4 The link to the first 3 chapters of the draft study should become visible

    5 Clik the link and you will see the study (The neat part is that you can highlight any of the text you want and a window pops up allowing you to comment as desired in as many places of the document as you want to.

  • Gladesman

    River of Grass Greenway Jan 16, 2015 Update – Well things are not good. As stated below the main information about future plans of ROGG contained in the draft Feasibility Study after serious criticism for being virtually hidden from the public by program managers was made more accessible to the public.

    Now as of yesterday Jan 15, 2015 shortly after the extremely short comment period on it after a few meetings attended by practically nobody managers have caused the study to only be accessible by invitation as per their new annotate system that controls access to this publicly funded study.

    How’s that for an 90 – 100% opaque government program. Practically zero transparency for the public to inform themselves so as to be able to provide comments with factual foundation to this program that promises horrendous environmental impacts to the Everglades akin to building of the Tamiami Trail or Alligator Alley/I-75.

    As proponents, managers and partners in this crime tout that they want public input and involvement they have created more roadblocks to look at the most important document about this program than Mother Russia would have.

    This smoke and mirror filled program can only be viewed as one more massive government bad decision.