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Port Orange subdivision residents threatened with fines for failure to remove lawn statues

April 08, 2013 01:00PM

WESH screenshot

It’s a war over lawn statues in Port Orange, WESH reported. The homeowners association in the Ashton Lakes subdivision is now threatening residents with fines if they don’t remove visible decorative statues placed in their front or side yards, claiming that they “violate the community covenants.”

The new rule takes aim at all types of statues: lawn gnomes, animal sculptures and even a driveway basketball hoop — the latter of which will be subject to a fine of $100 per month if not removed. One resident, Norma Freije, has an angel statue, which she keeps in honor of her dead husband.

“I just have it because I lost my husband, and it’s just sentimental, that’s all,” she told WESH.

Many residents classify the rule as selective enforcement.

The HOA manager declined WESH’s request for comment. The HOA president, who reportedly has a fountain out front and a cat statue by his door, also did not return WESH’s calls seeking comment. [WESH]Zachary Kussin