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New book links rabbi to Fontainebleau murders

April 22, 2013 01:00PM

Fontainebleau Hotel

An ex-stripper who arranged the murder of her husband and his hotel heiress mother siphoned off part of his $10 million estate through her rabbi lover, according to a new book mentioned in today’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Nancy Novack, 56, was found guilty in June 2012 of orchestrating the killings of her millionaire husband Ben Novack Jr. and his mother, Bernice Novack, in a Shakespearean plot for the family estate.

Bernice Novack was clubbed to death, discovered by her son in a pool of blood in her residential building’s laundry room, in April 2012. Three months later, the body of Ben Novack Jr., attacked in a hotel room in Rye, New York, was discovered hog-tied and beaten, with the eyes gouged out. His gag was so tight that he choked to death on his own vomit.

Novack, now serving life in jail, used an influential rabbi with whom she was having an affair to funnel rare Batman memorabilia and thousands of dollars in cash, author John Glatt claims in his new book, The Prince of Paradise.

South Floridians were stunned by the murders. Ben Novack Sr. built Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau hotel, a regular Rat Pack hangout.

The rabbi’s alleged role never surfaced during the three-month trial, according to the Daily Mail. [Daily Mail]Emily Schmall