Dwyane Wade basks in championship at Vizcayne

'Last night was great, wasn't it?,' Wade says
By Emily Schmall | June 25, 2013 02:00PM

From left, Michael Ambrosio, ISG World president; Miguel Poyastro, partner at Fortune Capital Partners; Vizcayne director of sales, Fadia Bassi; ISG principal Craig Studnicky, Dwyane Wade and and Philip Spiegelman, also ISG principal, at Vizcayne.

In dark-rimmed glasses and fuscia slippers, Dwyane Wade appeared with childhood friends from Robbins, Ill., at Vizcayne’s expansive poolside terrace June 21, not 24 hours after winning the NBA Championships as point guard for the Miami Heat. “It’s wonderful to see my city grow and it’s got much more room to grow,” said Wade, also now going as “3” for his three championship rings playing in Miami.

“I’m here tonight because I’m a part of Miami. I want to congratulate Vizcayne for being as beautiful as it is… What we’re trying to do, it’s going to be the hardest thing we ever do,” Wade said of Heat president and former Lakers coach Pat Riley’s coined “three-peat.”