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Plan to convert Deerfield Beach golf course into industry park advances amid mixed response

City OKs the land-use change allowing for Butters to build
July 02, 2013 04:00PM


Deerfield Beach golf course

Butters Development and Construction has plans to transform Deerfield Beach Country Club into an industrial area, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The issue has divided the Broward County city, though. Some support it in the hopes that it rids the area of vermin, overgrowth and other problems, while some oppose losing all the open space. In a 4-1 vote, the city approved the land-use change allowing for Butters to build.

The designation would be for 74 acres from recreational space to an area permitting offices, stores and industrial buildings. Of the 74 acres, 47 would remain green space and a lake. Part of that would be designated as a municipal park, to be owned and maintained by the managers of a new industrial park, the newspaper said.

A second and final vote will occur later this summer. [Sun Sentinel]Mark Maurer