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DEP eyes wetlands to ‘surplus’ for development

Florida could seize more than 150 acres in North Miami and the Keys
August 27, 2013 10:32AM

Oleta State Park

Oleta State Park

The Department of Environmental Protection identified 150 acres of land in Oleta State Park and several acres in the Keys that could be seized for development in a report that has triggered a backlash from conservation groups.

“Tropical Audubon Society believes the state should be working to acquire more land for conservation such as these, not surplussing them,” according to a call for action on the website, Eye on Miami.

The parcels identified in Oleta State Park, a popular recreation area in North Miami, are mangrove wetlands inhabited by waterbirds and fisheries, while the area in the Keys is also critical to wildlife in the area. [Eye on Miami]Emily Schmall