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Sales rise, profits slip for grocery giant Publix


Publix and Ed Crenshaw

Driven by “premier customer service,” Lakeland-based supermarket chain Publix posted $7 billion in sales during the third quarter.

That represents a 5.6 percent year-over-year increase in quarterly sales for the company, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw cited superior service as the key reason for the surge. The company fell short in another key category, however. Its net earnings dropped 2.3 percent to $359.9 million.

A coveted anchor tenant at South Florida retail centers, Publix is not a publicly traded company. Its stock is only available to employees and directors. [Orlando Sentinel]Eric Kalis

  • guest

    bought out Albertson, Winn Dixie and all other grocery stores in Florida. It’s
    a monopoly; no wonder their sales area up. Their prices are up too, selection
    is minimal and service is as everywhere else. I try to avoid shopping at Publix
    because it seems that they raise prices on average every 2 weeks and quality
    and selection is constantly decreasing. I buy fresh produce from local farmers
    and BJ, Costco and Target Supercenter have much better prices on everything else.